Summer comes.
The new Macbook Pro is out, but I cannot afford it.
It was such a mock that one thing I’d been awaiting so long, yet in the end it just turned out I couldn’t afford it, which thereby shocked me greatly.
“Am I not excellent enough?” or “haven’t I been working hard enough in the past year?”
Then I decided, it’s about time to make a change.

It took me a whole night to compose the resignation letter, and right after sending it out, I was so regretful. Giving up my current job meant soon I would run out my savings, and have to resort to my parents for help again one year after graduation. What a shame, yet I had no better choice.
Dynamsoft offered every staff favorable treatment and opportunities. But I had long been getting myself over-occupied, and started to wonder “is it worthy that I contribute the majority of my leisure time on work related activities?”, “am I going to spend time inside the same dilemma for another year?”

The world rolls faster than my initial estimate, though. I think I still need a bunch of time to play, rest, study, and think deeply enough.
After all the days and nights I have strived through, there is one thing I’m very much sure, which is, whatever happens, wherever I am, Keep Walking and Never Falter.

And july never ends.