You know, sometimes I hate my school.
3-plus years I have lived and studied here
-rolling hills, flowing river, clean atmosphere, and flying birds
-so close to the mother nature
-a realistic place to research and learn

The exciting scenes of the first week we come is always there
So, why I hate it, how can I complain,
while the earth, the sky, the buildings,
the virescence is nice, and perfect than ever
COZ I have fallen in love with her-my campus

you give us a marble library of great magnitude
but a delicatessen opened no sooner than we enterd
you design the dorms holding 4 kids
but now they are picking up 5, 6 or might more(later)
you never stop building and buying new staffs
COZ you are recruiting pretty much more

finally the prices and amounts of everything rise and bubble
we need more water, so larger pipes are in need
we need more electricity, hence thicker wires are in need
we need wider broadband, therefore everyone get awful connection
we need larger room to breathe, for this very requirement you can not permit

I starve today, because I hate long queuing
for days, I have lost the access to the Internet
for days, I leave my bike in the open air
COZ you are scared
COZ you are not prepared
COZ dear Mr. Money is the one you love
COZ dear Mr. Profit is whom you care

finnally you decorate yourself like a noblewoman
waving hands to noblemen to visit your land
I am but a chickenshit money burner
all I expect are simply the primary benefits as a consumer
but if for that you can not fulfill
I want my money back
or………………………I hate you.

October 9, 2009