Just received a notification stating that my profile is disqualified.
Google+ has turned out to be a real life social service network over night.

Here I have a say about its real name policy.
Everyone who knows me would call me Vivi or Vivian, as I have used this name for 10 straight years, ever since the Internet became popular. Thus I dare say that no one on my friend list would know who I am if I use my full legal name, and even myself might feel strange with it.

Besides, concerning of the personal safety, privacy and the security of my personal information, I won’t use my real family name. My mom does not allow it.

One thing we should keep in mind is that, cyber security issues occur all the time, even Google’s data center got hacked several times.

And yes, real life. Soon they would ask for the real person portrait certified by passport, driving licence or ID. Let’s see.

I appreciate the profound contribution Google has made to the Internet. It’s hard to just walk away. However damn the user loyalty, the only service I won’t abandon at the moment is Google Reader, with which you’re already threatening me.

GP account banned