I have never felt death so close to me before.

She called last night to tell me that one of her very beloved brother is dying of cancer.

Someone  she loved so much, not a little bit less than loving me.

And I understand, it is because she needs a big brother in her whole growing up, even now and future,

with whom she could share happiness and bitterness.

To pour out worries and complaints to.

But now…

The lovely man is leaving us, while only few kins know it.

We promise to keep this secret.

To soothe his pain from torturous chemical treatment.

To make him believe that the disease is nothing but a sort of seasonal flu.

And he will be alright.

Everything will come back to its normal way.

I heard her cry, like the rain outside.

About death, nothing helpful I can do.

Every life has start and end, but now it shall continue.

We might still have hope, waiting for the miracle.

Best regards